Hello world!

My name is Christian Maymó and I'm a lover of films and videogames. I got into the world of arts when I took my first graphite pencil (I was four years old). Since then I've never stopped drawing as it was my way to communicate ideas and feelings. I've participated in several projects playing many different roles such as 2D animator, character designer, clean up assistant, inbetweener, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, QA analyst for videogames and video editor.

I'm a restless and multifaceted spirit, always eager to improve myself with every project and ready to face new challenges. I feel comfortable working in several stages and departments, the point is that I'm a team-player and I'll do my best to get the work done.

I love mangos, honey and pineapple, and in my free time I'm writing a medieval-fantasy novel.

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